GJW Direct Belle Isle Event at Penzance - Reports

Emma Harris/Kevin Rose - 30th May 2013

From Emma Harris:

The Penzance open meeting was always going to be a game of two halves, with a forecast predicting light airs on Sunday and dogs blowing off leads on Monday. After some well organised training on Saturday, the game was on come Sunday morning for the start of the open meeting, when the sun shone sparkly on the blue waters of Mounts Bay.

The visitors who made the trip westward to Penzance were treated to the very best of hospitality. A fantastic BBQ on the beach, watching the sun set over the bay, bacon butties in the morning, curry and a band on the a Sunday evening and more butties to wipe away the sore heads the following day; all served with a large smile and a great sense of humour.

Three Olympic course races were held in an increasing wind. By the second race, the light forecast was proved wrong, and champagne sailing conditions switched on. All three races were led from start to finish by Emma Harris and Nigel Scott, playing the shifts up the right hand side in a slightly shifty, veering breeze. The battle was on for second between Tim Vick/Becks Marks and Pete Mitchell/Karen Falcon, with some interesting match racing taking the two way off course down wind in Race 2. Tim & Becks won out in the end to score two 2nds leaving last year\'s winners in the runner\'s up spot and Mitchell/Falcon in third.

Sadly, the dogs copped it on Monday and the combination of high winds, storm forecasts and low water meant that sailing was too risky. After a brief catch up over a cuppa, the fleet headed home.

1st Emma Harris and Nigel Scott
2nd Tim Vick and Rebecca Marks
3rd Pete Mitchell and Karen Falcon

From Kevin Rose:

As a complimentary report to couple with Emma’s, (who, to be honest, was so far up the race track to see what was happening to the rest of us poor saps), here is the view from the middle of the fleet. From a very personal point of view!

It is a testament to PzSC that this weekend saw the first sail of the year of both Mlevi and Dark Knight, along with Kate in a borrowed boat; and that includes club racing. So the helms that were too bone idle to get to their local clubs, they managed to haul ass 300+ miles to the tip of the country

After the excellent training given by Karen, attended by 2 visitors, and 4 penzance boats, we were all keen to get going on the racing on Sunday. We were greeted with beautiful sunshine, a calm sea and a nice light breeze to find our sea legs. A short discussion on what was the pin between Karen and Kevin, that resulted in the statement “that’s f*&$£*g bias, Kevin decided to chance a port end flyer, and, having avoided the milling granddads, er I mean enterprise sailors, who thought nobody was stupid enough to be seriously stating that end, managed to pull it off with no little style (and a very big grin)
The beat was massively right hand bias, but, of course, by the time you get to our level of the fleet, that doesn’t really matter and we just tack when our legs hurt, and so the lead three disappeared off into the distance leaving the rest of us battling away.

The first mark saw Kevin rounding first of the rest, with Steve and Helen, Kate and Tom, Kian and Simon and John and loopy Laura in close attendance. At the wing mark, Kian (that would be the 13 yr old Pz guy, with a boat returned that week from repairs, a crew he has never sailed with before, and only been helming 3 months) managed to take both Steve and John and hold it to the leeward mark, at which point Kevin, who was feeling pretty damn good about life, looked round and went “what the hell are you doing there!!”

Mike in 2510 was next on the course, going well, and we were realising that it takes at least one race to get a wardrobe up to speed, as the woodys of Dan and Joe were seen to be bringing up the rear.

A battle royale ensued (a bit like casino royale, but with less martinis and tuxedos, ok, nothing like casino royale actually) that ended with Kevin and Becki narrowly heading Steve and Helen, and John and Laura over the line. Kate was heard to ask “what does this rope do” when on the wiggly stick, lying in 7th (refer to the barnt green short course report for the reference, and the fact that was the last time she managed to get in a boat) followed by Kian, Mike and the Woodys. (may I say that whilst at the rear of the fleet, the woodys looked Buff, rugged, well toned and the most attractive things on the race course, and lady readers, I am talking about the BOATS not the helms.)
The second race, Joe had obviously found the lion and the witch and thrown them out of the wardrobe (beware of the new rules against intentional littering) because a woody was seen way up the fleet on the first beat. Kevin, having no other ideas, and a slight case of sunstroke decided that, although the line was less bias, he would try the port flyer again, and rapidly learned its a lot harder when there are 10 other boats determined not to let you be that frikken cheeky twice. John in Mlevi took far too much joy in calling “starboard” forcing Kevin to tack,Kevin then lee bowing him and completely screw up Mlevi’s own lane. However, the joy John had in the bar later on scuppering Kevin’s start was bordering on excessive! In a slight variation on the theme, Pete and Karen decided to visit the plebs on the first lap and give a demonstration on how to sail down wind, buggering off after Tim and Emma.
The second lap saw the gradual overhaul of the woody by the visiting boats (Joe you need to teach the woodworm to swim in the other direction) and I believe a small mutiny on one Pz boat as Mike’s crew decided that the sea was a preferable option and presently bailed out, head first, with a perfectly set spinny (although chronology might be slightly out, I HAD to mention it)

By the end, Kevin and Becki narrowly pipped the rapidly recovering Steve and Helen (ask anyone else who was at the barbQ about sharks with laser beams, because Steve certainly will not remember reciting it) with John and Loopy close behind. Kate was wondering about why her rudder was heavy at this point.....

Race 3, the woodworm had gone into training and were swimming with the best of them, and the hangover was going away fast.... the wind was rising and the lighter crews flagging. As a result, the racing was tight, real tight, tighter than a pair of budgie smugglers on a solo sailor (sorry, wrong image) Steve was upsetting the apple cart by buggering off with the lead 3 boats (excuse me, can I hand you a copy of the script, that wasn’t in it) Joe and John were having a great battle, and Kevin and Becki were dreaming of a few more pies behind them. Only a fortunate call allowed Kevin to get Joe and John on the final run, and a very aggressive piece of sailing by Pete retained his 3rd over Steve. Karen finally discovered there was a pin to hold the rudder down and maybe putting it in at the beginning of the race would have helped....

So, the alternative top 3, without the top 3 is:
4:Kevin and Becki : 4,4,5
5:Steve and Helen 5,5,4
6:John and Laura 666

I will leave it to the Pz guys to come up with the view from ikea.

Many thanks for a fantastic weekend, and to all those who didn’t make it... Pthththththp we had a great time!!