GJW Sponsor the Larks for 2 Years!

James Ward - 11th April 2013

GJW Direct 2 year Lark Class sponsorship deal for their Belle Isle and National Championships in 2013 & 2014

The Lark Class are delighted to announce that they have secured a unique 2 year sponsorship deal with leading dinghy insurer GJW Direct. The sponsorship deal includes the Belle Isle Traveller Series as well as the Class National Championships for both 2013 & 2014. This deal has come from a successful year of sponsorship of the Lark Class’s Belle Isle Travellers Series in 2012, which formed a fantastic relationship between the class and GJW Direct.

Glen Wallis, New Business Manager for GJW Direct said “We are delighted to be continually involved with the Lark Class extending our support of both their Belle Isle Travellers Series and National Championships for the next 2 years. We have found the class to be proactive, ambitious and a joy to work with throughout 2012, and we at GJW Direct are looking forward to supporting them for the next 2 years”

James Ward – Chairman of Lark Class, said “This 2 year relationship will bring the class and it’s members many fruitful benefits, as GJW Direct’s support allows the class to direct a greater percentage of its budget to other important areas such as training and promoting the class to family’s and young sailors coming out of junior classes, as the Lark is rapidly becoming a popular class for both”

James continued – “With my chairman hat taken off, I have personally had my Lark insured with GJW Direct over the last 2 years and have been extremely impressed with how good they have been. Their rates were extremely competitive compared to the other Dinghy Insurers and I even had to make a claim after our National Championships. GJW Direct were excellent throughout, quick, efficient, helpful and easy to use, they paid out straight away with no problems. My renewal date has just come around again and I renewed without hesitation.”

Lark sailors can obtain a quote for their insurance directly from a bespoke banner on the Lark Class Home Page www.larkclass.org which only takes 30 seconds. GJW Direct have also kindly offered to give the Lark Class a contribution when someone insures their Lark through this banner, this is extended from the sponsorship arrangement and shows further GJW Direct’s on going commitment to the Lark Class.

The GJW Direct dinghy policy is ‘all-inclusive’ where everything comes as standard. The policy includes full racing risk cover, transit and trailer cover, refund of race entry fee, kit bag and contents cover and new for old on all items.

GJW Direct also now offer a multi dinghy policy so now there is really no reason for any dinghy sailor to go anywhere else for their Dinghy Insurance needs. This Multi Dinghy policy is not available on-line, you must phone 0151 473 8000 and speak to one of the underwriters, mentioning you are a Lark Class Association member. The scheme offers just one policy and one renewal date for all your dinghies, with the promise of even further savings.

Keep checking out the Lark Class website www.larkclass.org to stay up to date with all the latest Lark News, Photo’s and Results from all the GJW Events throughout the year.