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Your 2013 Committee - and how you can still help

James Ward - 24th March 2013

The Lark Class would not be what it is with out the hard work, dedication and ambition of the Committee and now for the first time in a long time we nearly have a full committee. This is extremely exciting and promising for the class, and is going to make a huge difference to the class for 2013 and beyond.

The new look committee is a great mix of seasoned Lark sailors, seasoned committee members and some fresh faces into the fleet, but who bring a lot of experience and ideas from other classes.

There are many benefits to being on the Lark committee for starters it is a fun and fulfilling place to be, and it is fantastic to be able to sit back at the end of the year and look back at everything that has been achieved and be able to say that ‘ I was part of that’. For people who are coming out of University or starting their careers, being part of a voluntary committee is a great thing to have on the CV and is something that employer’s look for these days. Last but not least all committee members benefit from free class membership for the duration they are on the committee.

However, there are still a couple of new roles to fill on the committee:

Sponsorship and Prize wear Coordinator:

One of the biggest outgoings for the class is prize wear so for the last couple of years our strategy has been to use the prize wear costs as a way to approach potential sponsors so we can give them a clear cost and amount that we require. This has been a very transparent way to deal with sponsorship and makes it much easier for the class to highlight the benefits and value of sponsoring an event to the companies. Because of this approach every major championship for the last 2 years has had a sponsor, as has the Belle Isle series and the class is very excited to be announcing a title sponsor for the Belle Isle series and Nationals in the next few days, so what this space. The role here is to help to gain sponsorship (pretty much already done for next 2 years) and be a point of contact between the sponsors and the class to ensure all the prize wear is purchased and at the event on time.

Championship Secretary:

This is a very important new role on the committee. We are currently working hard to streamline the systems in order to make setting up online registration and pre-registration for the championship events even easier than it is now, and again the class will be announcing some exciting developments in this area in the next few days, proving the Lark Class are still the pioneers when it comes to trying new things before any other national class in the UK…Again, Watch this space!! We urgently need someone to work with the committee to ensure the registration for the championship events is set up on time and in good order, we then require that person to be the point of contact at the championship events during registration on the day, with the help of the rest of the committee. Harri Condie is currently working hard on organising the Nationals and this person would be required to be an extra pair of hands (along with the rest of the committee) when needed.

The new look committee is designed to make sure that the time needed to be put into each role is kept to a minimum and that’s why we are working hard and successfully to stream line everything to massively cut down on the administration of being on the committee.

So here is a look at what the New Look committee looks like. These are the class HERO’S, and the class, the events, the socials and anything else Lark would literally not happen without this lot, so when you next see them make sure you give them a pat on the back and a big thank you!

Dan Watson – Chairman
James Ward – Vice Chairman
Karen Falcon - Membership Secretary
Helen Krailing – Treasurer
Laura Mitchell – Fixtures Secretary
Harri Condie – Nationals Coordinator
Kevin Rose – Training Coordinator
Tim Vick - Chief Measurer
Steve Hall – Technical Officer
Chris Holliman – Social Sec
Kim Meyhew – Marketing Coordinator
Charlie Roome – Enews/Website Editor

Prizewear/Sponsorship – Vacant
Championship Secretary - Vacant

If you are interested in finding out a bit more about these committee vacancies and becoming a HERO then please contact James Ward on vice.chairman@larkclass.org