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Coast Graphic Lark Nationals Plymouth – Day 2

Daniel Watson - 04th June 2012

Coast 2012 Lark Nationals Day 2
Early morning saw the award of the Duckhams (the gross under-achievement award) heralded by Andy Cox. The award was to Chris Biglin for taking 2 years to complete the fit out of his lark, this being the first it was to see water!
Race 3 saw the start within the breakwater with 18 to 30 knots of breeze. Straight away Pynn and Linsell rounded first followed by Ross Kearny and Jane Alexander. Down the first part of the downwind course it was a little hairy with third the placed Hydon’s rolling into windward. This allowed those heavy weather sailors Steve Hall and Si Haighton to start to make an impact. By the last beat Hall and Haighton had managed to capture first place from Pynn/Linsell . Stewart and Hartley managed to pull through to third.
Race 4 saw Hall and Haighton dominate from the start with Stewart/Hartley holding a second place. It was Kearny and Alexander that managed to hold third despite their light weight.
Race 5 started with an Olympic course and it was Pynn Linsell that played the right hand side of the course to pull out a substantial lead. Hall/Haighton managed to pull up to second ahead of Stewart/Hartley. Mid fleet there was some excitement when a Brittany ferry cut the fleet in two!!
Over-night the Lark 2012 title is developing into a three horse race between Pynn/Linsell; Hall/Hartley and Stewart/Hartley

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