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Coast Graphic Lark Nationals Plymouth – Day 1

Daniel Watson - 04th June 2012

After the 10.00 briefing it was out past the breakwater. The sail out took no time due to the propelling force 3/4 breeze. After the practice race, the first race started with Smashie Bennett as pathfinder. Harry Pynn and Tim Linsell headed out left whilst Stuart and Nick Hydon started late but headed off to the mid-left side too. First round the mark and onto the reach was Pynn and Linsell, followed by Steve Graham/Charlotte Farmer who strangely gybed out leaving the Hydons to pile past to windward before realising their mistake. The Hydons closed on Pynn/Linsell followed by James Stewart and Tim Hartley. Pynn and Hydon pulled out a safe lead. In the next group it was Stewart/Hartley leading the pack with Peter Gray and Rachel Rhodes now pushing themselves in the second bunch. On the final lap the Hydon managed to out point Pynn/Linsell and take the lead. The reach had now tightened and all were being overpowered. Soon those that had used their kites dropped them. By the final leg it was Hydon who took 1st with a battle that saw Pynn drop to 3rd after Gray/Rhodes sneaked through to leeward. Pynn/Linsell took third followed by Stewart/Hartley.
Race 2 changed to an Olympic course, with a gate start. Early on those that started late seemed to gain a big benefit although at the end of the beat there was a favourable port shift. First round were Steve and Chris Videlo followed by Steve Hall and Si Haighton. At the start of the second beat the Videlo’s kept their nerves and started to establish at good lead. Stewart/Hartley again featured in third with Will Coxford and Chris Warburton holding a precarious fourth. There was quite a tussle for fifth with the Hydon’s, Dan Watson and Helen Windward, Chris Whitehouse and Ellie Bremmer. Eventually the Hydon’s tokk fifth just ahead of Whitehouse /Bremmer.

Overall Positions
see - http://www.halsraceresults.com/crs/crs.aspx?DSKey=871&SeriesKey=119