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The Hydons take 2012 Noble Marine Lark Inlands

Daniel Watson - 25th April 2012

The Grafham Water Jinx holds off and it was third time lucky for the Larks to hold the inlands at this venue having being previously been "shrimped off" and a "no sail" due to a complete lack of wind in 2011.

The wind for the weekend varied from force 3 to the occasional squall gusting a shade under 5 creating entertainment at the gybe mark and on the dead downwind legs particularly to newcomers to the fleet!!

Race 1 started on a black flag which saw Fiona Gray/Aaron Woolf rounding first followed by Steve Hall/Simon Haighton. At the bottom of the first triangle the fleet massed up with Flying Fifteens decending at the same time at the bottom of their run. A few were able to capitalise from this. Hall eventually pulled out in front with the Steven and Chris Videlo on their tails. The Hydon's managed to pass Gray/Woolf on the last leg. Although Hall cleared the line first, both he and Gray were "black flagged" allowing Hydon up to second and Harry Pynn and Tim Linsell third.

Race 2 saw Chris Holliman/Kate Hutchins rounding first after some nifty shift picking closely followed by Hydons. The Hydons powered over them on the first reach and left the rest of the fleet. Jane Alexander/ Holly Scott pulled through and managed to secure second. Pynn/Lindsell managed to climb through to third.

Race 3 took Rob Lynn/Ally Dart round first. They lost the lead to Stuart and Nick Hydon as the wind picked up on the last lap. The Videlo's managed to get through to second and after Lynn/Dart capsized, Hall and Haighton took full advantage.

Race 4 began with Pynn/Linsell taking the lead from Adrian Padro/Hannah Hydon followed by Charlie Roome/David Marlow. Pynn opened up an uncatchable lead leaving a fight for the remaining places. The Hydon's who were buried coming into the first triangle sailed high on the second reach hoisting their kite leaving those who had opted for a two sail reach. This took them through to third. Roome picked a good second beat pulling through Hydon and Padro. Stuart and Nick Hydon narrowly took Adrian Padro /Hannah Hydon, but could not catch Pynn and Roome.

Race 5 saw the Videlo's going hard right on the first beat and taking the prize of the rounding first followed by Lynn/Dart. On the tight gybe Videlo's held their kite as did the Hydon's which allowed them over the top of Lynn/Dart. The Videlo's held their lead with Hydon second and Pynn scrapping through to third.

Race 6 Pynn/Linsell rounded first and opened a substantial lead. After deciding to play it safe and drop the kite for the gybe, he capsized leaving Roome/Marlow to pile past. Hall/Haighton and Chris Whitehouse /Ellie Bremer also managed to seize the advantage.

The final result saw Stuart and Nick Hydon retain their title. A big thank-you must go to Noble Marine who very generously and kindly sponsored the event, with extra prizes on top of the usual bottles of wine.

2012 Noble Marine Inland Championship and Gold fleet:
1st Stuart and Nick Hydon
2nd Stephen and Chris Videlo
3rd Harry Pynn and Tim Linsell

Silver fleet:
1st Chris Holliman and Kate Hutchins
2nd Jane Alexander and Holly Scott
3rd Nigel Scott and Harry Condie

Bronze fleet:
1st John Crooks and Laura Mitchell
2nd Kevin Rose and Ryan Padro
3rd Gus Condie and Oli Jones