Online Entry Closes Today

David Marlow - 02nd February 2012

Online Entry for the Allen sponsored 2011 Lark National Championships at South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club closes today.

The current online entry pricing band of 160 per boat (129 for concessions) will end at midnight tonight.
Entry will still be possible on the day at a cost of 175 with no concessions, so hurry and enter online today to enter in one of the best value for money championships around which offers close racing with 9 Championship points races, a crews race and a practice race all run over 7 days from 13th August.

There will be a professional coach videoing the good, the bad and the ugly for comment during a debrief in the evening. Also, morning technical sessions before sailing will provide some food for thought on the way out to the race course, and a Q/A with the race winner once ashore will give a useful insight for the fleet.

The social agenda for the week is designed to cater for all tastes which include beach games and karaoke, Crews Union / Helms party, and the coveted fancy dress night with live music. The theme this year is Legends and Fairytales.

For a great value for money week, enter online by following this link:

Online Entry