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Henri Lloyd Inland Championships Preview and Entry

David Marlow - 07th April 2011

As everybody knows, it doesn’t matter if you can out run a lion providing you can run faster than the other person being chased by the lion. You may be wondering what I am going on about, but then you are also reading the preview for what is probably the most dangerous event of the year.

If this event were being filmed it would open with two beautiful people going skinny dipping in a stunning lake nestled in the hills near Huntingdon. There would be giggling and splashing then the chilling music would start building to a high pitched crescendo before one of them was pulled under the water to be replaced by a bubbling, seething mass of foam. The director would then cut to the opening credits with the title “Killer Shrimp 2” and the tag-line “Do you dare go back to the lake?” There would probably be a lion roaring or a massive golden “21” surrounded by spotlights at some point in all of this as this event is definitely not a small independent production.

There are a few small elements of directorial licence that would have to be taken to produce the film sequence described. The main one is that you would die of hypothermia long before the shrimps get to you if you went skinny dipping in Grafham. The water temperature rarely rises above -15°C and is only kept liquid at this level through the constant churning provided by the huge number of dinghies that head towards this Mecca of water-borne activity each weekend. On a recent visit to Siberia I discovered that on a cold day the locals complain over their vodka that the wind must be coming straight from Graham Water!

Despite the cold that often plagues this place and the presence of lethal miniature crustaceans, it is true to say that the combination of the first Inland Championships in two years, the superb organisation provided by GWSC and some of the best bacon and egg baps in the world is an un-missable one.

If only to add the cherry on to the top of this nautical cake the Larks are sharing their event with the Flying Fifteens. For those that don’t know, this was the boat that Uffa Fox designed as a challenge to the Lark when he heard about the hydrodynamic properties of our sheet metal centreboards.

I have recently received information that if all of this were not enough to entice you along the A1 or A14 then you should also know that Henri Lloyd are going to be the lead sponsor for this event. There should be some great kit available for the survivors winners. Good luck, and remember, if there is only room on the centreboard for one, then make sure it is you!!!

P.S. The event will comprise of 6 races – 3 back to back race on both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 12:00 and 10:30 respectively. Entry will be £30 for both days and a £15 one-day entry will be available to those attending a certain Fishy wedding! There will be food and beer available at the club on Saturday evening. For the hardy, camping is available in the grounds at Grafham – but the club must be informed and a nominal £5 paid. For more info, please see Grafham Water SC website.

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