Lark Nationals 2010 - Crews Race

Becky Priest - 27th July 2010

The crews’ race on Tuesday afternoon saw the race officer digging for his black flag after the first general recall of the week. Following a short delay, waiting for the wind to settle down, the fleet of 22 crews got away.

A slight right shift on the first beat advantaged a group of boats that went that way and saw Tim Linsell crewed by Aaron Woollf, Emma White crewed by dad Matt, Edd McArdle crewed by Alan Krailing and Steven and Chris Videlo round close together at the front. They were closely followed by MJ Gifford crewed by Harry Pynn and Becky Priest and Emma Harris.

The wind dropped to almost nothing down the run of the first trapezoid. At the leeward mark MJ and Harry led, followed closely by Becky and Emma, Edd and Alan and the Videlos. Right paid again up the next beat. Positions remained largely unchanged at the front. Down the next run Becky and Emma momentarily looked good coming on from the right hand side but didn’t quite manage to cross in front of a group of boats at the leeward mark.

However right paid again up the last beat, Becky and Emma got enough of an advantage as others tacked off early, taking the lead by the windward mark. They held this to the finish. Second and third places were taken by Larks Crews’ Race first-timers MJ (mark magnet) Gifford & Harry and Emma and Matt White respectively.
Tim and Aaron ended up 4th, closely followed by Edd and Alan in 5th and the Videlo brothers in 6th.