Nationals arrival instructions

Steve Chatten - 20th July 2010

Joining instructions

Well, here we are .
Mid week before the main event!
...And what a week we have before us!
Thought I would write a few words about arrival...
As I have mentioned before you dont get to go sailing until you have measured.
Our arrival procedure reflects this:
1. Turn up at the promenade, and dump your boat in an arbritray spot on the front (subject to any direction the beach master provides.)
2. Park your car (You can buy a discounted weekly parking ticket from the club at registration)
3. Register in the race office which is between the bowling green and the promenade.
4. Get your boat measured.
5. Once you have got all your bits measured, get your tally awarded - There will be a swat team cracking the whip making sure all the measuring equipment is in use as much of the time as possible. Approach the same team for your tally number.
6. Go sailing!
7. Go to the bar and get your complimentary drink from the bar at the comodores reception.

Some of you have expressed a wish to be next to eachother in the dinghy park, and so have submitted your entries together.
Tallies will be awarded on a first come first serverd basis, so to get parked next to eachother, you MUST get your tallies awarded at the same time. This will likely mean those of your party that mesasure early having to wait until the last of your group have measured before asking for your tally.

If you have any questions, then just ask - I wont bite!

I look forward to seeing you all on Sat!