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Lark Masters Championship and Hayling Island Open

Nigel Scott - 08th October 2009

10th / 11th October 2009
Thanks to the excellent organisation of Tim Fells & the Lark Class Committee, we have some fantastic sailing and socialising planned for Lark sailors old and new at Hayling Island SC. The order of play for the weekend will be as follows:

Sat 10th Oct Masters Championship
3 races in the bay/Chichester Harbour, 1st race warning signal at 11:25

Championship Dinner & Dance
Open to all competitors (Masters & open meeting), plus all who would like to attend, from 19:30 till late

Sun 11th Oct Lark Open Meeting
3 races in the bay, 1st race warning signal at 10:55

Lark Masters NOR
We need current Lark sailors who do not qualify for the Lark Masters (over 35 years old) to lend and/or crew from returning/ex Lark sailors in the Masters Championship, then everyone will attend the social – which will demonstrate that Lark sailors are united by one thing... the ability to party!! This is a wonderful opportunity to renew old friendships and for the young and old of the class to share their enthusiasm, memories and stories of Lark sailing.

We have a long list of ex-Lark sailors who want to attend the event and borrow a boat, including some very famous ones like Ian Walker, Russell Peters & Cathy Foster amongst others; so this could be an excellent opportunity to combine a bit of learning/race training with a fun filled event. In order for this event to work, we need current owners to work with the Lark Class Committee and lend their boats and attend/crew/helm the whole weekend. Although the individual ‘deals’ done between the boat owner and borrower will vary we expect those borrowing to offer pay for entry to the whole weekend (Masters & Open Meeting), and of course to meet the cost of any damage done at any stage if that was to happen.

Over the next few weeks Kirsty Phipps has kindly volunteered to act as ‘boat match-maker’ matching boats/owners to ex-Lark sailors wanting to attend the event. Please e-mail her at masters@larkclass.org to offer your boat or let us know how you would like to get involved. Kirsty will also be approaching you at events and directly, please help her as this is a complicated event to co-ordinate

Will be as follows:

Masters Championship - £22 or £36 for both events
Championship Dinner & Dance - £25.00 per person for 3 course meal and disco
Lark Open Meeting - £22 if entered as a separate event

We already have 35 entries to the Masters event and have sold 100 dinner and dance tickets, so it should be a great event and even if you only fancy coming along and watching from the shore, all comers are welcome. If you are coming we do need to let the club know numbers, so please enter or purhcase tickets using the links below.

We need you to enter for each of the two events separately as well as buying tickets for the dinner separately - this is because different people will be participating in different parts of the weekend. If you are paying £36 for the entire weekend when entering the Masters, then please choose the option to ‘enter and pay by cheque link’ when you enter the Lark Open Meeting (so you avoid paying twice!)

Step 1. Complete your Masters Championship entry
Step 2. Complete your Lark Open Meeting entry
Step 3. Buy your Championship Dinner & Dance tickets
For accommodation the first port of call is the club who have a selection of rooms available on site and a list of local B&B’s. Visit www.hisc.co.uk. Unfortunately camping on site is not allowed, but the cunning amongst you will lend boats to those who have a local house or caravan.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at masters@larkclass.org or place a message on the Lark class forum. See you all at Hayling!