Nationals Scrutineering

Chris Biglin - 22nd July 2008

The time is rapidly approaching for that most stressful period in the life of a measurer, Nationals Scrutineering.

Those that joined us in Looe last year will recall that I was making you all work a bit harder than usual in order to compile a boat database. This year we find out if it was all worthwhile, if I got it right then this year there will be significantly less work.

We will also be continuing the appointment system for scrutineering.

This year:

Every boat will be buoyancy tested.
Every boat will be visually checked, including correctors and that sails are measured.
The specialist subject is – BOOM BANDS. Make sure you have them and they are in the right place.

Only SELECTED boats will be weighed. Your boat WILL be weighed if:

You finished in the top 10 last year.
I have never weighed the boat before.
Your correctors do not match my records or the boat has otherwise changed significantly.

The other boats to be weighed will be advised on arrival. You are unlikely to be selected if your boat is already known to be intrinsically overweight.

On arrival:

Please sign on as soon as possible.
You will then be able to negotiate your appointment slot for scrutineering on a first come, first served basis.

- Be available in your berth position ON TIME and wait to be called.
- Boats should be presented DRY and, for weighing, stripped of ALL loose fittings, spars and sheets.
- Anyone not complying will lose their slot and have to wait at the Scrutineers’ convenience.

Boats will be checked, buoyancy tested and weighed (if selected).
Measurement of boom bands requires that masts are rigged and will be done separately, together with sail checks.

Boats failing weighing, or presenting significantly differently to their measurement form, will be required to rebook at a later time for a full measurement weighing and correcting. This avoids a few individuals holding everyone up while their boats are sorted out.

• If you know your weight is wrong, contact me in advance and you will be booked directly for a measurement slot which will save holding up scrutineering. Doing this will give you priority over boats that fail scrutineering.

• If you think your boat might be underweight then please ensure that you have lead with you and the means to fit it.


A limited number of sail measurement slots will be available, if you need yours doing please WARN ME IN ADVANCE.

Boats will be required to have correct mainsail numbers. Permissions to sail with incorrect numbers will be granted ONLY in exceptional circumstances (and ‘I am a student’ isn’t one of them).
If you have incorrect numbers contact Jane Alexander at SPEEDSAILS (01922 455503) or Steve Hall at P&B (01604 592808) and order what you need IN ADVANCE.

Chris Biglin

Chief Measurer

07973 312316