Torquay Open Meeting

Simon Cox - 28th May 2004

Last weekend saw 22 Larks travelled to Torquay to get a taste of what's to be on offer at the Nationals this year. The weekend was blessed with wall to wall sunshine, but not a lot of wind. What's more, because it had been breezy on Friday, a lumpy sea greeted the fleet as they sailed to the start area for Race 1.

In a dying breeze, it was Emma Harris/Becky Priest who led around the first lap. Unfortunately, as the shortened course was signalled, confusion meant they failed to cross the finish line, resulting in a DNF and allowing Steve Dunn/Tegwyn Roberts through to win, Mark Ampleford/Lee Nankervis in second and Nigel Hufton/Chris Whitehouse in third.

Race 2 was dominated by Alan Krailing/Gemma Thompson, who got away and never looked back. Rob Larke/Sally Wakefield followed in 2nd, with Hufton/Whitehouse again in 3rd. The breeze picked up a little for Race 3, which was won by Larke/Wakefield, this time with Krailing/Thompson just
behind and Richard and Jenny Bennett in a strong 3rd.

With a forecast F1-2 for Sunday and hot sunshine, the fleet were hoping for a sea breeze, but it never materialised. In light winds, but with fewer bumps, Krailing/Thompson were dominant again, this time, with newcomers Jonathan Lewis/Milly Parsons speeding up to 2nd and Harris/Priest finishing in 3rd. By the final race, it was a 2-horse race between Larke and Krailing. Larke/Wakefield, however, sped into the lead, chased by Bob and Kelsey Suggitt and Steve Cumley/Eluned Jones. These finishing positions gave Larke/Wakefield their first open meeting win in the Larks.

Overall Results:
1st Rob Larke and Sally Wakefield, 9pts
2nd Alan Krailing and Gemma Thompson, 11pts
3rd Nigel Hufton and Chris Whitehouse, 18pts
4th Emma Harris and Becky Priest, 18pts
5th Steve Dunn and Tegwyn Roberts, 19.5pts