40th Anniversary Party Update

Andy Cox - 28th June 2007

As a last minute reminder this coming weekend sees the Larks celebrating their 40th Anniversary at the Inland Championships at Grafham Water Sailing Club.

Along with the sailing there will be a great off the water activities that must not be missed. Throughout the weekend there will be a number of boat tuning surgeries with a focus on the "older lark" and there will also be a Lark Jumble Sale where you may be able to get a bargain on some second hand kit

As you must all know the Larks are not scared of letting their hair down and the Saturday night is no exception.
The evening will kick off at around 6:30pm with a few party games (that's if we can still remember the rules of music chairs and all the other favourites). Followed by a delicious buffet around 7:30. After a little break to let everyone's supper to go down and maybe a game of sleeping lions the throttle will be pushed up to max as we are please to introduce to you Live at Grafham Water Sailing Club the one and the only High 5!!!

If you haven't already entered its 35 per boat to come to the disco and 5 per head for the buffet. If you're unable to sail but want to come along for just the party the tickets are available for 10 per head.

All I can say is don't forget your party frock!!!

John and Andy