Lark Jumble Sale at Inland Championships!

Alan Krailing - 18th June 2007

Itís time for you to get out to the shed, route around in the garage and scrabble about in the loft to dig out those Lark related treasures you no longer need or forgot you even had.

We are planning to hold a Lark boat jumble at the Inlands this year 30th June Ė 1st July. Not only will this give you the opportunity to clear out some of your unwanted gear, it will also give you a chance to pick up a bargain.

This is the way it will work.

It is envisaged that sale items will fall into two categories. 1) Items that the owner is happy to donate and 2) Higher value items that the owner would like some money for.

1) Bring your donated items along to the Inlands where they will be available in exchange for a small donation to a worthy cause (not yet decided). At the end of the weekend you will need to recover any unsold items and take them back with you Ďcos I donít have room for them at my house!

2) To speed the process up and make sure all your potential punters come armed with the cash, it is suggested that you advertise higher value items on the website before the event. Remember to make a note on your advert to let everyone know itís available at the Inlands. And of course, if you are on the look out for Lark bits make sure you keep an eye on the web page.