Scrutineering at the Nationals

Dougal Scott - 13th May 2004

When you arrive at the Torquay for the Nationals, we'll weigh your boat, give it a buoyancy test, and check that your sails have been measured by an approved lark class measurer, as normal. But this year we will be doing two extra things.

The first is checking your launching trolley. Because of where we launch at Torquay, we need to pool trollies for the week, because selecting the right trolley for each boat will slow down taking boats out of the water too much. Therefore we'll be checking that your trolley is in working order, and has it's tyres pumped up, so please make sure that this is the case. Note that boats with gunwhale hung trolleys will be in a separate trolley pool, but these trollies still need to be in working order.

The second is checking measurement certificates. Every lark that races needs to have been measured, and to have a valid measurement certificate. If you arrive at champs without a certificate for your boat, here is what will happen. If the class has record of your boat being measured in the past, but you don't have the certificate, we can re-issue you one. If we have no such record, your boat will need to be measured. Though we'll try to measure any such boats during champs, there may well not be time to measure them all, and there certainly won't be time to do them all on the first day. So, these boats WILL be allowed to compete. But if we measure your boat during champs because we don't have measurement records for it (and we will certainly measure any in the top ten), and it is found materially not to measure, we WILL disqualify you from the championship.

The moral of this is - please ensure that your boat is measured, and you have a valid certificate before you arrive at champs. Please email to arrange getting this done.