Northampton Winter Series Race 1

Nick Marlow - 04th December 2006

A windy start to the series with a Force 5 gusting 6.

On arrival the lake was covered with toppers in a regional training event. The worrying thing was that lots of them were upside down.

In the practice race David and Nick Marlow went out briefly but decided to leave it to Tom Jeffcoate and Ruth Johnson to demonstrate that the conditions were sailable.

In the main race Tom and Ruth lead from the start followed by David and Nick Marlow. Stuart and Julia Allen were just late at the start having decided to do a capsize drill before the race.

Tom and Ruth managed to lose their lead briefly by capsizing on a gybe but pulled back with superior speed on the beat. David and Nick lost a little time when the jib sheet came undone so Nick has been sent on a "knots for dummies" course this week.

There is a promise of more participants on the next weekend, 17th December. Don't miss it!

1st 2347 Tom Jeffcoate & Ruth Johnson, South Staffs SC
2nd 2462 David & Nick Marlow, Northampton SC
3rd 2301 Stuart & Julia Allen, Banbury SC