Scrutineering at the Nationals

Dougal Scott - 26th July 2006

Before you can go racing at the nationals, you'll need to have your boat scrutineered. This involves three things:

* you'll need to have your boat weighed. Queue up for scales with a dry boat, with the mast, boom and anything detachable (e.g. compass) removed from the boat, but the cenreboard left in. If you're boat is underweight, you'll need to add some lead, so it's worth buying a roll from Wickes if you're passing.

* you'll need to show that all the sails that you intend to use are measured, with a measurer's signature in the corner. If your sails aren't measured, it may be possible to do it on Saturday, but there is often a lot of demand, and measurers need to rig their boats too! It's best to try to get sails measured before you arrive.

* we'll need to check your boat's buoyancy. This year, we'll be checking both the front and the side tanks of Rondar boats. We won't allow boats to go afloat that don't pass a buoyancy test.

This year, scrutineering will take place at the following times:

* Saturday 9am - 12pm.
* Saturday 4pm (or after the practice race) - 6pm

Remember that your boat must also be measured, and have a certificate. If it isn't measured, we can try to do it during the week. If you finish in the top ten, we will definitely measure your boat if it hasn't already been measured, and if it fails to measure, you will not be allowed to keep your result.

As ever, we need volunteers for scutineering please. If you can volunteer, please can you email, indicating when you expect to arrive in Penzance.

Bring on the champs!