Email Viruses

Simon Cox - 18th March 2004

There have been a number of complaints recently from people receiving emails containing viruses from email addresses.

Please note that these viruses ARE NOT being sent from individuals PC's. They are generated by software that scans the internet for email addresses and then sends random emails. This "Webcrawling" software is designed to cause maximum disruption to the internet. At this time it is succeeding.

Recently Microsoft and other big IT companies have formed an action group to fight this spam email. We can only hope that over the coming months the anti-spam software advances sufficiently to stop the ever increasing number or emails being sent.

We apologise for these emails being sent with our email addresses. However we remind you that there is nothing that we as an association can do at this time to improve the situation. We can only recommend that you keep your anti-virus/firewall software up to date and delete any suspicious emails that you receive.

Kind regards,
Simon Cox
Lark Website Editor