Final Sunday in the NSC winter series

Steve Cumley - 27th February 2006

As usual the first race of the day was a club race that didnít count to the series. Unfortunately some of the visiting boats were a bit late for the start so it ended up more spaced out than usual. At the head of the pack David and Georgina Hand led until a very impressive attempt to turn their boat into a submarine resulted in the inevitable swim. John Wayling and Steve Cumley took up the running but a passing squall knocked John out of the contest so Steve and Eluned were left with an exciting and comfortable ride to the finish line. Steve Chatten and Kirsty Phipps recovered from a course error and a very icy bath to take second.

Mutiny rained for the second race as the club house fever set in amongst the crews (and a very girly Dave Young). After some gentle persuasion from the helms, the fleet launched into a frothy force 5. A late wind shift caught a lot of the fleet napping at the starboard end of the line. Mark and Lee made the best of it winning the pin with Cumley and Jones powering down the line to catch up. The building wind was starting to cause the fleet some difficulties up the beat. Mains were flogging and the odd gust required a quick ease of the jib to keep the boat moving forwards. The race team clearly wanted as much amusement as possible though, and with 4 reaches and 3 gybes the Lark fleet did its best to provide the downwind crashes and burns that they wanted. Mark and Lee were the first to drop off the leading trio, which included David and Georgina Hand and Steve Cumley/Eluned Jones. Mark did his best to take the other two lead boats out with him but everybody shut there eyes and breathed in, and somehow found a gap. In the end though it was the Hands that proved they were the hardiest and best able to deal with the Ice cream head conditions, and powered down the final reaches to take the win from Steve and Eluned in second and Mark and Lee recovering for third.

Second place in the final race was good enough for Steve and Eluned to take the series win from a strong finishing David and Georgina Hand in second. David Marlow and Ben Biglin took a well deserved 3rd after some strong performances at the beginning of the series. In total 14 boats competed in the series which was run in a professional and friendly manner. Thanks again to NSC for being so welcoming.

Provisional results;

2 2496 S Cumley E Jones 7
6 2129 David Hand Georgina Hand 8
3 2495 David Marlow 15
4 2488 C Biglin 18
1 2501 Tom Jeffcote Ruth Johnson 20
11 2084 John Wayling 25
9 2499 Mark Ampleford 26
12 2330 Steve Chatten 30
10 2482 Mitch Haberfield Marie 33
5 2490 Robert Marlow 34
8 2462 Nick Marlow 39
2498 Dave Young 49
7 24 Milly Parsons 50
2313 John crooks 54