Northampton Winter Series; Round 1

Stuart Allen - 20th December 2005

Eight larks arrived at Northampton for the first of the Winter series. A gentle force 2 and cloudless sunny day made for a very relaxed and enjoyable days sailing. In the first non counting race Nick and Joanna Marlow, David and Georgina Hand and Steve Cumley, Nikki Attwood pulled clear of the fleet. On the last beat Cumley and Attwood found more pressure on the left and took the win from the Marlows in second and the hands in third.

For the counting race the larks had a fleet start 5 minutes before the handicap fleet. Tom Jeffcoate, crewed by old hand Ruth Johnson won the pin end of the line and powered out of the start line to lead at the first mark by a considerable distance. David Marlow and Ben Biglin rounded second followed by a tight group. Over the next two laps Cumley and Attwood moved through into third but couldn’t make an impression on the large gap to Marlow in second and Jeffcoate in first. The race ended in that order.

The next race is on Sunday 8 January. First start 12:00. All Lark’s welcome.