Winters - Predicted to be even bigger than last ye

Steve Cumley - 14th November 2005

Dear All

Plans are coming together nicely for the winter champs on 26 and 27 Nov. NSC have got everything sorted for the racing and John and Andy have put together a superb social programme.... If you thought last year was good then you better hold onto your dickey bows because this year will be even bigger and better!

Entries are flying in - (helped by a huge resurgence at South Staffs) and I am getting quite excited about the possibility of hitting the 50 (or even 60) mark.

On the racing front we have listened to your views and agreed to do 3 on sat, 2 on Sun so that people can get home earlier. On the social front we will be sticking with last year’s formula of black tie and eating in the club, followed by annual prize giving and annual duckhams - and we are even providing free taxis to get you back to the hotel. One big change to look forwards to though is a live band called "Resevoir Frogs." Andy assures me that he has heard some trial MP3's and there will be no shortage of cheese to twiddle to.

We need some help from you guys though;

Booking events like this can be very difficult because it is very hard to predict how much money to commit to food/prizes/taxis/free wine etc. Please help us by contacting Andy and John (via the instructions in the news page) to reserve your seats. This way we (the committee) can relax slightly, safe in the knowledge that our guesstimates are reasonably accurate.

Also as Andy mentioned in the last posting if you would like a hotel room you better get on the case. There’s not many left and we might lose them. The Hotel is Hayley Conference centre tel 01604 821666....quote Lark Class to get the preferential rate.

Many Thanks
Steve Cumley
Lark Class Chairman
07980 267962