Steve Cumley - 21st July 2005

Dear Members

The Lark Class Owners Association Annual General meeting will be held at South Caernarvonshire YC on Tues 2 Aug.

If you would like to raise a subject for discussion in the meeting please will you e-mail me your proposal before the end of play on Tues 26 July. This is an extension from the originally publicised Fri 22 July.

The Agenda will be available on the website from Weds 27 July.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not rely on the Any Other Business section of the meeting to raise your subject. There are a number of important reasons for this;

1) It will be impossible for Members that are not attending the meeting to pass on their comments.
2) I will be unable to plan the meeting so that the time is distributed effectively.
3) Everybody will be ready for a re-fill and a trip to the loo by the time it gets to A.O.B. so the concentration in the room is likely to be waning.
4) If the meeting is overrunning I may have to cut you short.

Many Thanks
Steve Cumley
Lark Class Chairman