30 boats qualified in the Belle Isle.

Steve Cumley - 12th July 2005

102 different boats have now competed in at least 1 of the national Lark traveller events. This is a record for recent years and particularly exciting because 30 boats have completed the necessary 5 events to qualify for the series overall.

Competition was hot in both the silver and gold fleets at Weymouth. Dave Young was first placed silver boat at Weymouth, moving himself into a position where he will be seriously threatening Danís lead if he completes one more event. Geoff Sinton was second silver boat at Weymouth which sees him rise up the ladder and Nigel Scott was third in the silver fleet meaning that he narrows Danís lead and takes second place overall off MJ Gifford.

In the gold fleet gains were made by all of the top 3 at Weymouth. Sarah Richards/Nigel Wakefield can add their first from Weymouth to a 2nd at Barnt Green and a 6th at Arun. If they complete one more event they will move into the top 3 and if they complete two more events then the series could be thereís!

Chris Ellis/Kathryn Young picked up a second at Weymouth moving them into 4th overall. Chris and Kathryn are tied on 20 points with Emma Harris and Alan Krayling. Emma gets the split by virtue of her win at Waldringfield.

Nigel Hufton/Chris Whitehouse move up to 6th overall after their 3rd at Weymouth. Nigel and Chris have only just done the minimum 5 events so one more event will give them a discard allowing them to drop the costly 13th at Felixstowe.

Other movers in the gold fleet are Inland Champions Jonathan Lewis and Milly Parsons. They had an erratic weekend by their high standards, however a win in the last race meant they finished 6th overall, which was enough for them to move into second overall 5.4 points behind leaders Cumley/Jones.

With 3 more events to go both fleets are still wide open. We have got an event in all conditions left. Waldringfield will be an opportunity for the river sailors to shine, Plymouth is good for the sea experts with strong winds and big seas likely and Shustoke is an opportunity for the pond sailors to end with a bang.