Broken Mast / Deck. Mast Slot

Andrew Ward

Posted: 06 Aug 19 13:02
Message ID: 2660
My Selden C mast broke on my Rondar MK2 the other day. The new Selden Kappa has just arrived and due to the wider Kappa and the mast rubbing strip being fitted a bit loose I have to wide the slot by 1-2mm. I'm proposing to thicken the glass slot beneath the deck using glass fibre tape and resin, then file out the slot. I'll then seal the filed slot with resin or gelcoat.
Has anyone else done this? how did you do yours?

Steve Cumley

Posted: 21 Aug 19 21:56
Reply ID: 6867
I think that most people get around this problem by filing down the blue collar on the mast instead of changing the slot in the deck. I did exactly this 5 years ago and it has worked perfectly.