Gillian Robinson

Posted: 10 Jul 19 09:25
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We have recently purchased a Ronda Mk2 Lark. Are there any open meetings which provide technical advice and training on the Saturday with a race on a Sunday. We are relatively new to sailing and someone at our sailing club said that this is sometimes available with some classes. We are based in Derbyshire.

Garry Packer

Posted: 11 Jul 19 19:04
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Hi Gill,

The class organises some training in partnership with clubs with lark fleets. This year it was at Frensham, South Staffs and this weekend at Lymington. If you want help with rigging/boat set up then there are lots class members who will spend some time with you at an open if you ask.

Some classes organise general training for their race fleet, at BCYC we have 3 sessions for different ability levels with external coaches this year as well as a social sailing calendar where an instructor is available for individual coaching. Worth either investigating at your club what they offer / suggesting some training to the committee.

Hope that helps

Garry Packer

Posted: 11 Jul 19 19:12
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PS also follow the class facebook page...