Jib halyard sheave box

Ian Butterworth

Posted: 02 Jun 19 07:52
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On the Lark I'm using the jib halyard sheave box is very worn.
I've looked for a replacement but suspect the design has changed.
The existing one is aluminium with the lower part inserted into the slot in the mast with the screw threaded into the sheave.
The upper part sits on the surface of the mast with the screw threaded into the mast.
New ones I've seen are plastic and just seem to sit on the surface with both holes of a diameter for the screw's to pass through.
My question is can you still get the existing type or only the newer ones and adapt to fit?

Garry Packer

Posted: 04 Jun 19 11:16
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I don't think you can get these anymore, my old boat had one. Worth talking to Simon Cox at Synergy Marine.

Ian Butterworth

Posted: 05 Jun 19 18:26
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Thanks, I'll get in touch with him.