David Ward

Posted: 28 Apr 19 16:42
Message ID: 2650
Hi hope someone can help? I just bought a parker mk 2
2354 I need the year of manufacturing and how to fry the mast? I cant find a forstay in with the rigging? Some said you use the spinnaker halyard to keep the mast up? I'm sure it has provison for a permanent forstay, I cant update the owners details either? Thanks in advance Dave ward

Ian Butterworth

Posted: 30 Apr 19 21:36
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Hi Dave,
I'm a newcomer to the class but have been reading up on the information on here and elsewhere.
I can't help with the date but I've seen various details that say, for the the Parker MK2 and later boats with an enclosed mast gate, some people remove the forestay.
Obviously it's all tightened up when the jib is put up and the rig tensioned.

Garry Packer

Posted: 23 May 19 17:36
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Most Use jib wire as forestry. As to rigging mk2 try searching for ‘rigging lark 2252’ and you should find a guide a wrote nearly 20 years ago. G