Parker gunwale repair

Ian Butterworth

Posted: 13 Apr 19 21:54
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I'm new to Larks but really liking the class.
Our club has two, both Parker mk2s, for members to use.
Unfortunately one is suffering from cracks in the gunwale, one quite bad.
Has anyone experience or advice on repairing these?
Is it feasibly a DIY fix or really needs a boat builder?
A number of members have experience of glass fibre repairs but not specifically a Lark gunwale
Any information appreciated.

Garry Packer

Posted: 23 May 19 17:39
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Surface cracks are quite common if shallow don’t worry they are just unsightly. If deeper or structural you need to open out back to good layup and then rebuild using chopped strand mat and filler as you would for any other repair.

Ian Butterworth

Posted: 23 May 19 20:18
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Thanks for the information