Mainsheet rigging on Baker Hull

Barry Graham

Posted: 05 Jan 19 21:39
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I am thinking of aquiring an old 9xx Baker boat that looks in very good condition. It belongs to some friends who don't sail it much. My wife and I used to sail Larks at University, and we want it to do some handicap racing at our club.

I've read most of the technical stuff on the website which is super usefull. The one question I have is about mainsheet systems. This boat has a traveller on the transom, and it is currently rigged 3/4 main with a centre ratchet and the mainsheet going down the boom to a 2:1 at the stern like a Laser.

I see pictures of boats rigged with what I would describe as a 'true' centre main, a 4:1 using a bridle attached to the centre thwart, and I also see pictures of boats with a 3/4 main. Is there a view as to which is better? Any reason I should not rig this Baker as a 4:1 in the centre? The thwart looks strong enough to me... I have pictures of me sailing 1943 (a Parker 1) at university and that seemed to be rigged as a 3:1 in the centre.

Sorry if this question is already answered elsewhere on the site... I did not find it.

Garry Packer

Posted: 16 Jan 19 09:11
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No reason not to rig a bridle and make it all in the centre, it will make gybing easier.