Buoyancy tanks

John Donkin

Posted: 14 Nov 18 21:06
Message ID: 2639
Im in the process of restoring an early lark. On inspection of the buoyancy tanks through an small access hole made for repairs under the center thwart seat ive noticed that the foam blocks inside the tanks dont appear to fill the space fully. Can any one advise if the foam filled the space entirely and has just disintegrated over the years or were they just blocks added for additional buoyancy. Many thanks for any advice

Garry Packer

Posted: 19 Nov 18 20:47
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It’s just enough foam to keep the boat afloat (barely) if the buoyancy tank gets holed.

John Donkin

Posted: 19 Nov 18 23:05
Reply ID: 6840
Thanks for the reply Garry, much appreciated.