Back out of storage

Don Willans

Posted: 21 Jul 18 10:15
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Hi all.

I'm dragging my old lark out of the boatyard
Pat Pending #365.

Last time she was seen she was watertight. I've a mast and boom. And I think a rudder.
Now my daughter is old enough, we'd like to get her on the water.

Any assistance on sourcing tired sails would be fantastic.

I'm in the south West and hoping to get down to the south coast in August.

Thanks in advance


Graham Frogley

Posted: 23 Jul 18 18:28
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I have an old main and jib if you wish. I can also transport them to Portsmouth area during August if you need. £50 and they're yours.

Brian Armstrong

Posted: 02 Aug 18 15:09
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Hi Don, if that is Lark #365 I'd love to share some notes with you on rigging these old larks. I am a new sailor and in the US and a friend gave me Lark #350 in poor shape. I am looking to patch it up and do some dinghy cruising with my son.