Posted: 16 Oct 17 08:22
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Hi does anyone know any links that give dimensions for reefing points, also can anyone recommend a smaller sail I can use instead of reefing?
What is the area of the mainsail can only find total of main and jib together?

Thanks Bob

Paul Roe

Posted: 07 Nov 17 03:13
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Hi Bob,
Larks are not normally reefed so it is possible there is no existing advice on reefing points.
Sail dimensions may be found on this website:

Firefly sails may be a suitable smaller alternative although I havn't checked the size

Chris Fish

Posted: 15 May 18 22:39
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About 1m up from the foot will do to slab reef. Have a clew patch added too.
Cadet mainsails have been used too but they are a bit small.
You'll need to adjust the rake to maintain balance on the helm, just don't drop the boom too much!