Fixing Lark Boom

Colin Rowe

Posted: 19 Sep 17 06:36
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I am a new comer to sailing and to Larks and I wondered if there is something missing on my boat that should secure the boom to the mast apart from the sail?
I had to release halyard to the main sail when recovering the boat on the slipway and the boom dropped off the goose-neck.
Plus any tips on launching from a slipway with a inshore wind? Shout I rig all the main when on the water, or use the halyard to fit the luff on land and attach the foot of the sail to the boom on the water?

Garry Packer

Posted: 20 Sep 17 12:15
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You should have a spigot that the boom fits onto and then the sail effectively keeps in in place.

Onshore breeze launching? either paddle out and then hoist main or sail out with main up gradually lowering centreboard as water gets deeper, keep weight forward. Normally one tack takes you into deeper water quicker than the other. Or wade until waist high get board and rudder down then crew pushes off and climbs in... Helm stays dry:-)

Garry Packer

Posted: 21 Sep 17 03:23
Reply ID: 6811
PS. some of us attach the sail to the mast at the tack with a tie / strop rather than using the pin into the boom. That would stop that problem. If you do attach the tack to the boom then remove the boom as you drop sail to stop it dropping off the mast.