Rig Tension

Andrew Ward

Posted: 04 Jul 17 07:02
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I have a Mk2 2 Parker lark, 2187, that was in a bit of a state when we purchased it 2 years ago. We now have the spinnaker rigged and are trying to set up rig using a tension gauge and measuring the rake distance. The recommendations from Hyde and P&B seem to differ a great deal (rakes of 6820mm & 225 lbs as opposed to 6630mm and 300lbs). I wondered if anyone had any advice on where to start. The sails are quite old so we're looking for a ballpark as opposed to race winning setups

Garry Packer

Posted: 04 Jul 17 12:12
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Measurement depends on how you measure and whether it is Parker or Rondar. Measure about 6630 to the top of the transom. When you hoist the tape it should go to 18' at the gooseneck. For Parker you want about 3001bs, a bit less if its very windy.

Hope that helps Garry