Lark tiller length

Benjamin Tunnacliffe

Posted: 19 Sep 16 05:24
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Hey again

I've got my lark sailing now with some old cheap parts will upgrade later. The good news is we love sailing the lark! had a great weekend sailing both Saturday and club racing on Sunday.

anyway I'm wondering if someone could tell me the length of their tiller from the pintels to where the tiller extension comes off it. I've got a old fireball rudder and it seems the tiller is too long and i keep tripping over it.

Also if someone could advise the length of the tiller extension to allow me to get right up to the front of the boat and trap my crew between me and the shrouds whilst beating upwind would be appreciated.


Garry Packer

Posted: 22 Sep 16 11:05
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I can measure mine at the weekend. G

Steve Hall

Posted: 22 Sep 16 12:56
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Most tillers are around 900mm from the pintles, much longer and you end up kicking it down wind.

My tiller extension with a 900mm tiller is 1100m overall but that's more open to preference.

Benjamin Tunnacliffe

Posted: 23 Sep 16 09:50
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Thank you very much for your responses. as our first sail this weekend every time I tacked or gybed I had to be quite far forward. any more responses welcomed.

Please keep an eye out for other questions, as im sure my shrounds are too short on my parker mk2


ben and Sarah