Measurement certificate

A Fisher

Posted: 14 Sep 16 15:04
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Anyone know where I could get a copy of my boats original certificate?

Stuart Hydon

Posted: 15 Sep 16 02:24
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We haven't had these for years. Therefore assume your boat measures. It is usually only at the Nationals that some of the controversial measurements are checked usually limited to hull weight. The only things on the certificate where owner (now on website), sail number, boat name, weight, sail measurements (but very quickly out of date) and buoyancy (which was a self declaration ;-)

A Fisher

Posted: 23 Oct 16 15:20
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Thanks for the info, but I was checking out entry for this years nationals and one of the things it says you have to have is a measurement certificate, and I guess that will be the same for 2017?

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 04 Nov 16 13:37
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you no longer need a measurement certificate - the rule has been (or should have been) taken out of sailing instructions. All ownership records are held electronically by the association.