Rondar Lark - Top Rudder Pintle Repair

Chris Cooper

Posted: 29 Nov 15 10:55
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Anyone got experience of replacing the top pintle on a Rondar Lark? By removing the inspection hatch completely I can just about reach the the back of the bolts but it seems like theres practically no space around them - what do you use to stop it pulling through?

How on earth do you get anything round the nut to tighten it?

Any and all advice appreciated!

Chris Cooper

Posted: 29 Nov 15 11:07
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Correction - Gudgeon but same question!!

Harry Pynn

Posted: 29 Nov 15 16:49
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Hi Chris,

Firstly I found that taking a photo from within the tank using a smart phone is a good way to find out exactly where the bolt is relative to the side of the deck moulding. In my case I had to cut a piece of GRP to create a plate that is secured by the upper and lower bolts of the gudgeon.

Getting a spanner on the back of the bolts is the next problem. In my experience you need to find an assistant who has exactly the right length forearms. Where are you based because my wife Gemma can do this perfectly?

An alternative that I've seen done is to put the bolts in from inside the tank and then put the nuts on from the outside. You can then hold the bolt from the outside using mole grips while you tighten the nut with a spanner. Once the nut is tight you can remove the end of the bolt with a hacksaw.


Chris Ellis

Posted: 30 Nov 15 14:23
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Not at all easy. If you are up for a longer term solution; I initially took the complete hatch surround off to give me more access, then had the small hatch replaced with the next size up. I could then get my arm in, rather than having to 'hire' a small person to do the job!
The larger hatch for access should really be standard in this position.