Sailing upwind / rig setup

Andrew Ward

Posted: 15 Nov 15 15:54
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Hi Folks. As a new Lark sailor (parker mk2) could I ask for some advice. When handicap sailing we seem to be having some difficulty sailing as close to the wind as other classes. What aspects of the rig affect how close we can sail. Initially we have set the mast rake inline with tuning recommendations. The pressure on the rudder does seem to be very high. Would increasing the mast rake help?

Mike Senior

Posted: 18 Nov 15 08:24
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Re: rig set-up I would consult your sail manufacturer re settings, as that will depend on how much pre-bend you want in your rig.

re: rudder feel - I'd check the angle of your rudder in the water and make sure it is pointing vertical. Increasing mast rake will make the problem worse as you are moving the centre of effort more aft. To balance it up you may need to go more up-right. This might however make your mast too straight for your mainsail. You could then try moving your mast foot forward.

With regard to pointing, I have sailed a variety of slow (non-planing) and fast (upwind planing) boats, and I find a lark goes much better when sailed like a fast boat, rather than a slow boat even though it doesn't plane upwind. To achieve height relative to other slow boats you need to be first sailing fast, with jib tell-tales streaming. The centreboard then starts to be much more effective. Sailing the boat absolutely flat is also much more important in a lark compared to other slow boats.

At slow speeds, or traditional slow boat pinching I find the boat stalls to easy. Possibly due to the aluminium plate, no chines or other stuff on the hull of other slow boats which could help provide sideways resistance when sailing upwind.

Others may be able to add more, but those are a few of my thoughts.

Garry Packer

Posted: 18 Nov 15 09:43
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If your rudder's leading edge is vertical but you have a heavy helm that suggests you aren't sailing flat.

We have found jib lead and tension to be critical upwind.

Best in medium wind is barber haulers in but the jib still having a bit of curve in the foot.

Hope that helps.