2015 Fixtures

Alison Dart

Posted: 09 Jan 15 07:21
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any idea when the 2015 fixture list will be published or the first part of it?

I expect like a few people 2014 is now over, so keen to get the 2015 events in my diary before I start booking other thing. So I can get myself and the boat prepared ready for 2015 circuit!


Charlie Roome

Posted: 10 Jan 15 09:54
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Word on the street is imminent!

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 16 Jan 15 13:11
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how imminent Charlie...??

James Ward

Posted: 19 Jan 15 13:42
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Fixtures will be posted tomorrow. It is wroth the wait with some great venues in 2015!!

Sorry for the delay, we have had a last minute change in fixtures sec which has put us back a bit, but a certain Nigel Scott who has picked up the baton has done a fine job of getting us back on track.

Nigel we salute you!! :)

James Ward

Posted: 20 Jan 15 03:19
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2015 Fixtures now live!!

Introducing the GREAT8

Check out the fixtures page NOW.

5 Opens to count towards the GREAT8 or 3 Opens plus the Nationals.

More exciting info and announcements to follow.

Steve Chatten

Posted: 10 Feb 15 01:21
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What a great line up - really looking forward to the season...
Will the google calendar also be updated with the fixtures?


Harry Pynn

Posted: 10 Feb 15 16:08
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Steve, I've updated the google calendar!