Michael John

Posted: 07 Jan 15 07:45
Message ID: 2461
Dear All,
I am toying gently with the idea of getting another Lark as it is probably long enough since I was in one that I will be eligible for the newcomers prize at the Champs.
I have a little problem (one connected with buying Larks) which is that when I looked on the Classifieds list it had a huge number of boats for sale. I am pretty sure that a number of these have been sold and I was wondering whether the web-manager might have a think about how to either get rid of old adverts or ping people after 3 months to see if they still want their advert up.
I am looking forward to seeing you all and don't worry, even if I can't find a way to buy a boat I might be able to steal one from a garden in Woodbridge....

P.S. Before anybody else points it out I know that two of the oldest adverts were posted by me (now taken down!) and I am just as much to blame as anybody else.

Charlie Roome

Posted: 08 Jan 15 02:17
Reply ID: 6653
The irony on you probably isn't lost that the webmaster might be the other of the garden of boats in Woodbridge!

Steve Hall

Posted: 09 Jan 15 07:20
Reply ID: 6655
Ooh exciting, it would be nice to see your face on the circuit again MJ.

Harry Pynn

Posted: 24 Jan 15 08:27
Reply ID: 6662

As requested, I have contacted everyone listing a boat and removed those that are no longer available.