introducing children to sailing.

Kathy Bartlett

Posted: 03 Dec 14 06:36
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Hi all,
I have a question for those with children or have experience with this. When did you introduce your children to sailing?
Did you have any concerns, or issues?
I don't plan on introducing Emily any time soon but I would like to further down the line.
next year hopfully I will have some time to get back into sailing, be nice to catch up with you all!

Chris Ellis

Posted: 03 Dec 14 11:51
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Hello Kathy
At Frensham children start with play sailing at around five to six years of age. This is usually in Optimists. Others may start or move into helming Teras or crewing in Cadets at about six to eight.
One of the main considerations is their level of maturity and confidence, which of course varies.
The other secrets seem to be, do it with others of the same age, or of course have parents take them out. This year one of our parents took their youngsters out, having put together an I spy game, of the many things that can be seen on the lake.
Confidence in the water helps.
Warm days, calm waters and lots of ice-cream and sweets during and afterwards, usually means that it will be a day to remember.
Good luck

Garry Packer

Posted: 04 Dec 14 11:03
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At BCYC they start on courses at 8. What you can do before then is tie a long line to an optimist and let them play in that with no sails up in shallow water. Before about 7 they tend to not have the concentration to do anything for very long. Best to make it a game and as Chris says part of a social activity.

I will see if I can find the guidance I did for instructors teaching children.

Kathy Bartlett

Posted: 05 Dec 14 08:17
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Thank you for the responses. It's a while off yet but it's good to know what I can do in the future.
However, I'm located up north so I would have to wait for some very ideal calm (warm?) Weather.
I can't remember how old I was when I first started sailing but I remember losing my wellies.

Mark Ampleford

Posted: 11 Dec 14 06:29
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We are embarking on this journey at the moment. It is amazing how much fun kids can have just sitting in the boat being wheeled around the dinghy pen or floating in a boat with sails down tied off a pontoon at 3 or 4 years old (being in Salcombe helped), shouting "all aboard" or other such nonsense proudly wearing a life-jacket with a whistle. We now have a mirror which we will be used on very sunny days next year for the odd cruise around the local lake (in the ice cream manner described by Chris). At that point our oldest will be turning 5. Our club has lots of kids toys so it is already identified as a fun place to go so fingers crossed...