Adding a spinny to a university boat

Chris Cooper

Posted: 12 Nov 14 08:46
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I've got an older Parker MkII Ex uni boat which I refrubed a couple of years ago and have sailed mainly for fun on windy days (I'm slightly larger than the average Lark helm!), with the occasional race now and again (I generally race a single hander). She's also been used as a training boat (and proved been very popular I have to say).

However, I've now acquired a keen crew for next year and will be racing her more often - never know you might even see me at some of the events that take place further north than London!

The problem I have is as an ex Uni boat she was never rigged with a kite. I'm planning to add one for racing with and whilst I can muddle through, or indeed copy one of the club boats we now have, I wondered if:-
1. Anyone had ever written an article about it I could follow - couldn't see anything on the technical page.
2. If not has anyone got experience of adding one that they'd like to share with pitfalls to avoid

The mast is ready to receive halyards for both spinny and pole but there don't appear to be any deck fittings at the moment so I'll be adding these.

Thanks in advance

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 18 Nov 14 06:55
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where are you in the country Chris? Might be easier to look at someone else's boat and talk to a larkie to get ideas on how best to do it

Chris Cooper

Posted: 24 Nov 14 15:35
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Hi Ruth, I'm in Sheffield. We have a Lark at the club I can copy. However, as every Lark I've seen so far seems to be different (plus I'd rather have the pole boom mounted) was wondering if there was a preferred method/configuration.

John Knowles

Posted: 30 Nov 14 08:02
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I have an ex-uni Parker 2. For what it's worth my spinny rig had the halyard exiting the foot of the mast, running along the stbd side of the centreboard case to a fairlead and jammer on the rear side of the case, then to a pulley on the floor about 40cm from the back of the case, back along the port side and up through the chute to the retrieval patch. I've fitted two single through deck pulleys about a foot forward of the transom on each side, and two through the deck edgeing level with the front of the thwart. The sheet goes down at the transom end, out through the deck edge (I use a length of that springy curtain track stuff to feed it through) back through the deck edge on the other side and up through the aft pulley. Hope that makes some kind of sense.

Chris Cooper

Posted: 11 Dec 14 14:55
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Perfect thanks John. That's exactly how I've set her up (without the curtain springy thing).

Tinkering with the pole now.

John Knowles

Posted: 14 Dec 14 08:42
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My pole slots into pieces of shed drainpipe tubing pop-riveted to the boom. The uphaul/downhaul is simply a length of shockcord tied to the spreaders and down to a loop in a line which the front of the pole sits in. The line runs down through a hole in the deck in front of the mast, through a pulley at the foot of the mast and back to a (racing junior) clamcleat on the side of the c/b case. I've got a stopper knot set at the maximum height I set the pole, so when it's launch time I just uncleat as the crew slides the pole out. After the drop I tighten the line to bring the pole down parallel to the boom. It works simpler than it is to describe, but serious racers would want better adjustment.