New owner looking for advice

Katy Hobson

Posted: 06 Nov 14 02:41
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Hi guys,

I'm fairly nee to racing and I'm looking to take delivery of my first Lark in a couple of months time.

She's an old Baker, Sail number 1218. Going to take a bit of fixing up, but. I should have her racing next year on a local club circuit.

I'm basically wondering how involved an older model will allow me to get involved with the society though? Will I still be able to enter events and such? I know that she's not likely to win against experienced sailors in newer, faster boats, but I think that getting involved with the association will be fun nontheless.

I found the tuning and advice sheets rather useful too, thanks to them I should have her sailing in no time!

All the best,


Garry Packer

Posted: 06 Nov 14 07:30
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Come along and join us. Lots of helpful advice from the guys and girls at the front to help you go faster.

Which club are you based at?


Katy Hobson

Posted: 06 Nov 14 13:33
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Thanks, I'd appreciate any advice I can get really!

I'm based at Port Dinorwic in Wales, I'm quite lucky really since a few of the guys there learned in Larks back at university in the Bakers and Parkers, but they aren't a class at the club that's raced often, but I raced at Southport this year and after seeing South Staffs, I needed to get one :)

I'm quite lucky though since there are a lot of GP14 and Enterprise sailors there, so I can race with them under a handicap for next season's local matches!

It's going to be fun getting involved with the scene a bit once I take delivery in January :)

Garry Packer

Posted: 07 Nov 14 04:28
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I am the only Lark at my club BCYC - a bit of a challenge beating the better Enterprise Sailors on Handicap.

Next Year's Nationals are in Wales, but might be a long trek as they are in the South. Would be great to see you there though... Don't let the age of the boat put you off, we just need to keep the pressure on the committee for prizes for those of us with older ships.


Katy Hobson

Posted: 10 Nov 14 09:37
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Sorry I just saw this reply!

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing since our club has a lot of Enterprise sailors, but it should be a good season once I get the boat seaworthy and in the water!

As for the nationals, it's doubtful I'll be able to find a crew willing to tow my boat down there for me, but. I mot come along. It seems like a lot of sailors on here seem to post in the forum looking for crew. Even if I didn't sail, it would be good to catch up with people and pick up some tips for my own game :)

Garry Packer

Posted: 10 Nov 14 11:13
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Yu never know, might be worth posting here for someone to tow your boat. In the meantime if you're willing to travel some weekends Nigel is looking for a crew. Probably no better teacher in the class.

Katy Hobson

Posted: 11 Nov 14 08:32
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Yeah I saw he was looking for crew :)

I was going to wait for the next event and maybe take him up on it if he still needs a hand, but I guess I'd like to race a bit first in my own to get a feel for a new class if that makes sense :)

I'd always be willing to travel for events, but I have a lot on at the local club so I guess I can't really travel every weekend :(

It's a shame I can't attach a picture here really, it'd be good to show the boat to you guys to get an idea what might need to be done, although the refitting directions for Bakers/Parkers have been rather helpful ^^