National Championship Idea

Mike Senior

Posted: 31 Aug 14 11:34
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A few of us from South Staffs have just come up with a fairly radical idea for the National Championship. The aim of this idea is to:

1. Improve numbers for the National Championship and,
2. Create a better racing circuit throughout the year

So here it is - consider ditching the week long championship event and create a National Championship which is the accumulation of 4 weekend events spread throughout the year. For example:

- National Championship Round 1 = Rock Weekend or earlier
- National Championship Round 2 = June (Sea Venue, east coast)
- National Championship Round 3 = July or Sep (Sea Venue, south coast)
- National Championship Final = October (Grafham or Rutland).

The Final weekend is a double pointer non-discardable event. Could have 5 races at each event with 15 to count.

This circuit would replace the existing Belle Isle and be the premier event everyone wants to compete in and win for obvious reasons.

Each event could have a unique social event, e.g. Crew's union, fancy dress etc...

The reason we came up with this idea was:
- There would be a real incentive to travel to the events as it counts towards the major championship of the season
- No other classes do this so would be unique
- It would be really easy for people who are interested in the class to get hold of boats for weekends vs a week
- The number of competitors who have a result in the national championship will be huge because even those who do just 1 weekend will be included in the overall numbers. This may then attract more people to Lark racing.
- The final event would be late in the season so the winner would still be selected for the Endeavor.


Charlie Roome

Posted: 31 Aug 14 15:04
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Also discuss long weekend champs vs full week...

Alan Krailing

Posted: 31 Aug 14 15:22
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I love it. It is clear to me that we need to change things as the nationals attendances have been dropping. We could go for a long weekend but why not try something a bit out of the ordinary. My suggestion would be to aim to finish a bit earlier in the year. Why not finish with a long weekend at Saundersfoot?

James Ward

Posted: 01 Sep 14 05:56
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All these ideas are great! They are very much in line with the plans for the New Look Belle Isle which was touched on during the AGM.

Less events but higher profile, with exciting sponsorship and prizes on offer, is the brief which has come from the class in general over the last couple of years.

We are committed to the venues I have signed up for the next 3 years for full week long Nationals as this was the only way they would have us but I think the potential for the new Belle Isle format to develop into the 'National Series' down the line is very interesting and one we can keep talking about.

Keep the ideas coming!! :)


Harry Pynn

Posted: 01 Sep 14 15:52
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This is a really interesting idea.

Sounds a little like the America's Cup World Series.

If we're committed to each of the nationals venues for a week long event, then perhaps each of the "National Championship Series" events could count as a race for the nationals? That way, if you miss one event, you would still be able to qualify.

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 16 Oct 14 12:28
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Luckily people still have their Larks, they just are not attracted to the travelling racing scene. Some of us down here are thinking of doing Cornish regattas to save on fuel and join in with the handicap racing. Falmouth Regatta is looking a lot of fun at a snip of the cost and time.
For me it would be a whole lot more attractive if once every so often the Nationals are held abroad ie Northern Spain, France, Ireland,Uitdam (near Amsterdam) Netherlands.......with the flexibility to drop bad sailing weather days early to do some holidaying. 8 hours on the water is stressing everyone.
Graffam is not central for us, Bristol corinthian better at 3 hours driving.
Another pet hate of mine is long races, the short course stuff at Rock this year was so much more fun.
I'm sure most think that the LCA need to act quickly as if numbers drop more it is going to discourage hardcore sailors.