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Very first Rondar Mk1 up for sale.

Quick, well looked-after boat, redecked and rerigged summer 2010, lightly sailed since. Anodised centreboard, winder kevlar lifting rudder and stock, carbon fibre extension. Pump-action kite halyard.

2 sets of sails, one North/P&B set, and one purple marine set for cruising only. Speed sails undercover, overcover and padded toestraps. Mersea combi trailer.

Seeing as I no longer sail, and I'm not allowed a tow bar on my work car, a boat is just an inconvenience these days - will accept offers.


Seller: Adam Owens
Viewing Location:
Manningtree, United Kingdom

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Mobile Phone: 07753467520


  Ref: 1177
Date Posted: 16 Dec 13
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